The Organisation

It is with great pleasure that we announce you that a unique form of local non-governmental organization by the name of Community Legal Assistance Centre which has been incorporated as an Association with limited liability under the companies Act, No.17 of 1982 in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and established with the primary object of providing the service of attorneys-at-law and any other legal experts, free of charge, to any person or persons those who cannot afford to pay for such services and help to prevent the rights established by the Constitution of Sri lanka and any other statute enforced in Sri Lanka. As a result of the above social welfare service, those who are to be affected may be entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law not only locally but also internationally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading, efficient, trustworthy and successful non-profit organizations offering legal aids in diverse forms both to the Sri Lankan as well as the international community regardless of any discrimination.

Our Mission

"To provide equal legal opportunities for the economically deprived individuals or groups, without any discrimination, subjecting to social injustice of all forms to go before the law and get the justice meted out to them so that they will develop a credibility and a respect concerning the established legal system of the country"

How does our service reach you

  • First the civilian or the aggrieved individual or party requiring of legal assistance meets the president who directs his/her/their case to the Investigating Officers.
  • Investigating Officers conduct an investigation to ascertain the accuracy of the details of the case and a report is submitted to the President
  • The President submits the said report to the panel of lawyers for their approval.
  • Once the approval is obtained, the President takes the necessary actions immediately to assist the said party.