Our Services

  • When an economically deprived person is sued in a court of law and if he is found to be incapable of bearing the expenses as the lawyer's fee, the CLAC, on conducting a thorough investigation into that person's case, the lawyer's fee is paid for each appearance in the court until the case is over.
  • When a public servant or any individual files an action against the state, as stated above, a relevant category of lawyer which the court orders is consulted and he or she is assigned the said case to proceed further and his or her fee is paid until the case is over.
  • The persons who are convicted in a court of law and imprisoned due to their inability to pay the fine which the court has ordered. i.e. less than five thousand rupees, are settled down by the CLAC and get them released in consultation with the prison authorities.
  • Publishing law reports of important judicial decisions given by the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal in Sri Lanka in our web site. Anybody interested in the above subject can obtain legal information free of charge.
  • If an aggrieved individual or party is compelled to seek the assistance of the International Court of Law, all possible assistance will be provided relating to the relevant process by the Centre.

Community Service

  • Community Assistance: The CLAC provides assistance relevant to legal matters only.
  • Affordability: A donor in France privately provides the financial assistance to the CLAC. The donor has committed to provide Rs:1.5 million every month to the CLAC. As this amount is adequate, a considerable number of people needing legal aids can be assisted without sticking to any rigid criterion.
  • Reliability and Maximum Privacy: Since the CLAC which is a local non-governmental organization, set up with a unique vision and mission to serve our community assures strict confidentiality pertaining to the information supplied to us by our beneficiaries wishing to seek our assistance.
  • Getting Legal Assistance: The management of the CLAC has a panel of well-experienced lawyers who have specialized in various fields relating to law so that any individual or aggrieved party seeking legal advice can contact them and obtain any advice/opinion relating to their needs free of charge at any working day through a prior notice. Anybody wishing to obtain the CLAC's assistance can directly contact the President or other officials who are available at the Head Office during the week days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (local time).

Service History

  • Handled Major Cases: Since we have got our organization registered recently in the Sri Lanka and some other practical reasons on the part of legality, we have so far not been able to handle any major type of cases. But now we are in a position to deal with the above subject.
  • Assistance to Less Affluent People: The CLAC on policy wise is bound to assist the less affluent segment of the Sri Lankan society, who have been deprived of their rights to receive the equal protection of the law due to a number of facts and reasons which are beyond their control.
  • Success Stories: We wish to record here with a sense of responsibility that we have been handling nearly thirty cases and the CLAC paid the fines of almost ten persons, who were imprisoned for their inability to pay the fines which the Court had ordered, and had them released.
  • Reliability of the Service: The management of the CLAC takes all possible care to deliver a reliable service to any citizen who genuinely provides information to the centre concerning the matter/s for which he/she needs legal aids. As a policy, the client is made to satisfy in providing the requested service efficiently.