The Organisation

The Community Legal Assistance Centre (CLAC) promotes an understanding and belief in the democratic way of life and the protection of human rights through the provision of financial assistance cum legal advice to any Sri Lankan who can not afford the legal expenses either for filing an action in a Sri Lankan court of law or in the International Court of Law against any unlawful or unjustifiable action committed by an individual, group, organization or the State and also against a wrong determination issued by the Supreme Court.

The head office of the CLAC has located at No.34, Sangaraja Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka. A foreign donor in France funds the CLAC. All CLAC accounts maintained here are audited by a well reputed firm of Chartered Accountants, S & A Associates, No 894/4/B, Athurugiriya Road, Malabe, Sri Lanka. TP: +94 011 4343310.

Dr. Rohana Kumara, the President of the CLAC, who is very much committed to achieve the stipulated objectives of the CLAC, manages the functions well with the co-operation of the dedicated staff, which consists of a panel of leading lawyers, investigating officers and the other supporting staff.

Arjuna Karalliyadde ,a well reputed senior lawyer is the Legal Director of the CLAC. He is experienced in the fields of Criminal, Civil, Child & Women protection and Family Law of Sri Lanka.

If you are interested in the nature of services and functions of the CLAC or wish to extend us your co-operation in any manner, which we appreciate highly, can contact us at your convenience.

Objectives of the Community Legal Assistance Centre

  • To contribute for all type of social services in Sri Lanka.
  • To contribute for all type of donations and rehabilitation projects.
  • To contribute for all type of medical and health services.
  • To contribute for damages occurred due to all type of natural disasters.
  • To contribute for educational / sports and sport activity development projects (Including equipment).
  • To contribute for road development and infrastructure development as a social services.
  • To provide the service of attorneys-at-law and any other legal experts, free of charge, to any person or persons who cannot afford to pay for such services and help to protect the rights established by the Constitution of Sri Lanka and any other statute enforced in Sri Lanka.
  • To promote an understanding and belief in the democratic way of life and protection of human rights.
  • To provide legal assistance [both financial and advice] to the less affluent community.
  • To make the community aware of the opportunities open for them to go before the law to get the justice meted out to them within the country or outside.
  • To provide the legal professionals with relevant details of the past and current law reports legal news and opinions.
  • To assist legal professionals to get their law related works published in the CLAC’s web site free of charge.
  • To provide chances of accessing the CLAC’s web site free of charge to legal professionals and the general public both local and international.
  • To create opportunities for the local community to build up links with international leading legal organizations throughout the world.


The Community Legal Assistance Centre since its inception up to now has helped nearly 3000 persons in various aspects such as filing actions, continuation their cases etc. Some of the cases are still tried in the courts.More high scale cases will be attended in near future.

Registration Details

  • An association, incorporated under the Companies Act, No 17 of 1982. (A non-profit organization dedicated to offer legal services to the community).
  • Registration Number: 059374
  • The President: Dr. Rohana Kumara.
  • Registered Office: Community Legal Assistance Centre, 34, Sangaraja Mawatha, Lake Round, Kandy.
  • Branch Office: 95, Wijerama Road, Colombo 7.

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